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Burj Khalifa

Dubai over the years have developed from a desert state to one of the most modern cities in the world. Being part of the oil-rich United Arab Emirates, the city already has big share in the national revenues. But despite this fact the city has emerged solely because of it's development as a tourist hub.

One of the greatest attractions that the government has managed to create in Dubai, is the festival season. Dubai is definitely a place to visit for people who love festivals and the associated shopping spree.

There generally two major festivals held in the city, one of which is the ever so popular Dubai Shopping Festival. The other is called the Dubai Summer Surprises; naturally as the names suggests, these festivals are held in winter and summer respectively.

The Dubai Shopping Festival especially merges people from different cultures to showcase their heritage at the Global Village.There lots of things you can do once you plan for visiting Dubai in the festive season. So make sure you are all ready for the next festive season.

Famous Quotes On The Internet

January 4th 2012 11:18

Often there are times in our lives when we are stuck in a difficult situation, and may need help from some one. At such depressive moments, we usually go to a person who we highly rely on and seek inspiration from, in our day to day affairs. These inspirational personalities could be parents, teachers or our life partners. No matter, how depressed we are, our mood gets really enlightened whenever we talk to them.

But when we are all left alone, and couldn't get in touch with a loved one, then our source of inspiration and motivation are famous personalities on the footsteps of whom we want to live our lives. These are people of great principles and their famous quotes are still very much heard and followed.

These quotes keep our heads up and our courage steadfast, as when every they come before our eyes we get a new blood pumping in our veins, filled with motivation and the will to face any difficult ventures of life. These quotes are not just means of making ourselves motivated, rather we can share quotes with our friends and relatives as well, who are in trouble and need some inspiration. You might know some friend who just recently failed an exam; sharing some good helpfulness quotes are certain to brighten his day up, and keep him focused to try again.

Quotes To Challenge Your Fear

Reading and sharing quotes have become more of a trend these days; it seems the better quotes you share the better you are deemed stylish among your friends. Living in the world of social networks, we see quotes almost every day on our Facebook, Twitter or Myspace pages. Mostly people love to share witty quotes or the ones challenging our fear and daring us to do something that is undone. One of my favorite quotes on danger is by a famous Indian ruler Tipu Sultan:

"It is far better to live like a lion for a day than to live like a jackal for a hundred years"

Such quotes are perfect for raising the morale of soldiers and men fighting for a cause.

Love and Soul Quotes

These are other popular quotes that are widely circulated everyday on the Internet. We all feel the intimate relationship of love, either with our blood relationships or our soul mates; this feeling of love comes from with in our soul and makes us the most weak and vulnerable, when we loose our loved ones or are even away from them for sometime. Reading the quotes about soul replenishes our love for them, making it even stronger.

Famous Japanese Festivals

December 17th 2011 20:00

In my previous posts I have mostly reviewed some of the most famous places, buildings, natural structures, monuments, mountains, lakes and rivers around the world.

But if we visit and explore these places we come to know that a part from the scenic views these wonderful places have, there is also some essence of symbolism to these places. It may be a natural symbolism or because of the culture and heritage such famous places might possess. Once such symbolism in seen in the wonderful country of Japan.

Japan is host to one of the most unique festivals in the world, which are celebrated with great enthusiasm as local people take quite pride in their following such customs and traditions.

So lets learn about the most widely celebrated Festivals In Japan as follows:

1. New Year' Eve Celebration

On the New Year's Eve A sacred fire is lit in Kyoto, Japan to mark the arrival of a new year which might bring them happiness and good fortune in the coming year. Many feasts take place during the eve.

2. Seijin No Hi

This festival is celebrated on 8th January by Japanese woman who have turned 18. An ancient festival which signifies the a girl has entered into womanhood and should learn her responsibilities. Japanese women wear Kimonos on this day.

3. Hina Masturi

This festival is also quite ancient and very popular among Japanese people. It is celebrated on 3rd of March. The festival is also called 'Doll Festival' as young girls are given dolls with a belief that any evil spirit may be transferred to the doll. The doll is then thrown in the river.

4. Sakura Masturi

This festival marks the arrival of spring season. Cherry blossom is regarded as the unofficial national flower of Japan as a large population of Cherry Blossom trees can be found across the nation. Once spring arrives the trees display beautiful views through out the country.

5. Tanabata Masturi

It is celebrated on 7th July. It is believed among Japanese people that on this day Cowherd star and Weaver star unite. Young people on this day pray and put their wishes written on paper on bamboo sticks setup during the festival.

Man from his early days has strived to learn and adapt to his surrounding. Through out his evolutionary period man has tried to mend different materials according to his needs

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Famous Monuments In The World

August 21st 2011 11:29
The Parthenon in Greece

A monument is a building or a structure that is built to mark an important event or a personality. But a past building which serves as symbol of a cultural heritage also becomes a monument as it signifies that culture and its way of life

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Famous Glaciers Around The World

June 25th 2011 16:22
Furtwängler Glacier

Glaciers are huge chunks of ice that are formed due to the accumulation of ice in a place for a long period of time. These chunks get so large that they geographically alter their surrounding during their movement

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Museums In New York CIty

April 26th 2011 20:37
The New York Hall of Science

New York city is famous for its wonderful museums, be it science museums or art museums. The museums are a great place for school and high school students to visit and experience science in perfect display

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Famous Rocks Around The World

February 28th 2011 18:53
Bowerman’s Nose

Rocks are beautiful formations that exits in various sizes all around the world. There are many different types of rocks that are spread on the earth's crust

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Famous Deserts

January 3rd 2011 17:50

When ever the word deserts come in our mind, we think of completely desolate sandy areas with nothing but sand dunes all around and literally no plant or animal life

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Mountains In Europe

November 4th 2010 20:08
Mount Blanc

Europe is blessed with the most scenic lush green environment in the world. It experiences extreme cold being located in the North. Those closer to the Arctic circle are very cold and are mostly snowy deserts.

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